long time, no post…

2015, by Jim

IMG_21316’2″ for john leynes, 5’11” for barry nicol..both are poly’s

IMG_21346’4″ eps/epoxy for chris bates

IMG_21586’1″ eps/epoxy 5-fin for eric courtney


6’1 twinzer for matt de sanctis…2nd version, epoxy this time and thinner rails

IMG_2152bottom shot, out on the sidewalk in front of the shop



just before Christmas

2014, by Jim

IMG_20655’5 rnf for landon washburn, 5’7 rnf for aidan washburn, 6’3 single wing twin/trailer for robin boone, 6’8 double bump swallow 5-fin for mike triglia

IMG_20716’0 performance thruster for jack morrison (using the new powerlinez stringer/us blanks combination ), 8’4 velzy pig for steve murphy



end of november

2014, by Jim

IMG_1946epoxy mini-sims…5’6″ for james farris, 5’5″ for anthony randich

IMG_1954epoxy 5’9″ chem-trail for j. borders, with 5 black futures fin boxes

IMG_19565’8″ bullet 5-fin for dave allen, 5’8″ disc 5-fin for francisco colon, 7’0 hull-style mini-LB for jon michael



november news

2014, by Jim

IMG_1907BC at the surf source with his new 5’6″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ double-ender…eps/epoxy

IMG_1901some of the latests epoxies….dave biedenhard’s  4’11” x 23 1/2″ twin keel, BC’s 5’6″, eric gibson’s 5’10” quad fish

IMG_1898susie pearl’s 5’7 x 18 5/8″ x 2 3/8 performance shortboard…eps/epoxy

IMG_1896josh cordle’s 4’10 mini-simmons…eps/epoxy


cris johanpeter’s 6’2 polyester


eddie trinidad’s 9’2 x 22 1/2″ x 2 7/8 all-arounder (“the answer”)



holdovers from last week..

2014, by Jim

IMG_1850some stragglers that were finished up after the last batch…lamination on a 5’10 for roger wood, a 6’8 5-fin for ashlyn carlson, and an 8’6 velzy style pig single fin for scott glisson…



new stuff…

2014, by Jim

IMG_1821epoxies from last week…5’7 thruster for alexis lewis, 5’6 bullet for dave beidenhard, 7’0 mini-longboard for mason lee

IMG_1813straight-on shot of the bullet..an old but proven template with the wide point just up a bit from center…handles anything from knee-hi to overhead 

IMG_1820polyesters…6’0 quad fish for lex smith, 6’3 twinzer for matt de sanctis, 10’0 nose rider for kerry hunt

IMG_1831close up of the fin set up on matt’s twinzer..he had about 8 or 10 of these in the early 90’s and wanted to see if i could get in the ballpark with a new version..



early oct.

2014, by Jim


fluid customs…5’10 for raina, 6’5 six channel for damon


polyesters….5’6″ bullet for justin morris, 6’2 5-fin for matt ellison, 6’10 big guy thruster for darrin washburn


epoxies…5’10 winged battail 4-channel 5-fin (say that 3 times fast) for brandon blackmon, and a 6’6″ x 23″ x 3 3/8″ BIG guy thruster for ryan bigos….been wanting to do that outline for a long time..why resign yourself to a 9’6 just because you’re over 240 lbs?



better late than never…

2014, by Jim

IMG_1707had some issues with EPS in the last couple weeks and replacing  it put everything behind….all done and back on track now….

5’6 epoxy thruster for scott cleary, 6’1 thruster for lt. james williams, 5’4 fluid custom epoxy mini-sim for lai, 6’2 mini-sim epoxy quad for chris ledue, 7’2 5-fin fish for randy pitts, 7’11 epoxy scorpion for capt. tom tague, 8’2 mini-LB for ben fox, 9’2 perf. LB for aaron bowden…

IMG_17045’8 x 18 1/4 x 2 1/4 HPSB for wesley remley




2014, by Jim


jimmy valva’s micro quiver…my old 4’8 on the left and a brand new epoxy 4’6 on the right..we pulled the nose out a bit on the new one to compensate for the length.  good feedback so far in the knee hi disappointment thats been our steady diet of surf this summer.

fun substitute for a longboard if you want to fit in some turns on a tiny wave



all over the map..

2014, by Jim

IMG_1649a crazy range of epoxies this week…4’6 mini-sim for jimmy valva, a 5’11 cropped nose 5-fin for cliff white, a 6’6 big guy thruster round pin for kim thorpe, and a 6’5 x 23 1/4 x 3 1/4 jumbo potato for marc buckelew

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