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finally some updates.

2014, by Jim

polyesters..6’2″ x 20 1/2″ cropped nose 5-fin for randy boynton, 6’6 narrowed up fun shape for katie helow epoxies..5’7″ x 19 5/8 shadow quad for ray pimental, 5’6″ x 20 1/2″ rocket pig for jimmy valva, 6’2 x 22 1/2″ mini-sim quad for lindsey caskey jimmy and the rocket pig…colored futures boxes brighten up the whole…  Read On



Shaper’s Lab Test Post

2014, by Jamie Borders

this is going to be a new feature replacing the live video stream….after 3 years it had kinda run its course and this seemed like the logical step forward . this page is going to feature things I’m working on personally and odds and ends i find  interesting enough to share. i’m starting with this 6’5 in the picture because it…  Read On

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