time warp..


found an old template in my garage of a board i shaped in 1990…figured it was as good a time as any to revisit this obscure bit of surfboard history.  cheyne horan rode these “lazor zap” single fins in the early 80’s in his bid for the world title vs. mark richards.  i remember thinking at the time that it was the most difficult-to-ride board i’d ever had,  but when you got it wired..WHOA! it was fun..

here’s a shot from ’83 of cheyne with one of the last ones he got from geoff mccoy..crazy wide tails between 18 and 20 inches wide.  later he used the winged keel designed by naval architect ben lexcen in this board and still uses it to this day, as i saw in a video of a recent retro/single fin contest down in australia

i updated mine with eps/epoxy construction so the board came out right around 5 lbs. at 5’9 x 20 1/2 x 3…should be a blast in waist to chest high beachbreaks.

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