lots of new stuff..


all epoxies…jack sweeney’s 5’6 squashtail disc quad with center fin box, jj grey’s 6’3 quad, tim syperek’s 6’4 5-fin fish, marc buckelew’s 6’6 five fin disc..


6’10 fluid custom with some 80’s style airbrush work


agent orange #4… built for a fundraiser for good friend paul figura, it will be raffled at this year’s wavemaster’s contest to benefit his family.  paul passed early in the a.m. feb 28th from complications  due to a stroke. most of the boards i built him were colored orange, hence the name.


the futures boxes to match the deck color…


6’2 epoxy single fin for board forum in latest void magazine …more on this in the shaper’s lab later

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