Jim Dunlop

Jim started surfing in 1966 at Barbers Point, Oahu—later relocating to the east coast as the “shortboard revolution” was in full swing. As a kid in Virginia Beach during the early ’70s, he stripped old boards, re-shaped them, and was hooked. He’s  been building surfboards for over 40 years.search engine optimization At his Jacksonville Beach factory, Jim shapes, paints, glasses, and sands every surfboard by hand in-house. Low quantity—high quality, with a craftsman’s attention to detail.

For a full list of board models, just Google "Surfboards".

Models? We don’t need no stinkin’ models.  Jim handcrafts each surfboard to fit your specific requirements. From high-performance shortboards, to fish, funshapes, and longboards—if you can ride a wave on it, Jim’s already built thousands of ’em.

here's what's been goin' on

5’2 eps/epoxy bullet for Matt
Brandon’s 5’4 mini-sim...
7’4 single for Levi
Letting go of my accurate long base, serial #00003( I’m guessing the third long base off the production line)
Less than 200 boards on it, ( I bought it to deal with the timber that Teccel Brazil put in their longboard blanks back in ‘08-‘09)
Too heavy for me anymore, arthritis is a bitch.
No haggling, I dropped $1250 plus shipping on it
5’10 and 6’0 hog snappers.. in the racks at @sunrisesurfshop
John with his new 8’0
5’8” Hog Snapper for Garrison
9’4 for Robert
9’6 triple stringer for Dave
Custom surfboard building requires giving your valued customers exactly what they want..John texted a pic with color preference... I took it from there
Sunday morning airbrush session
5’8 epoxy Simmons quad for Ivan
Another one freed from quarantine..5’6 incut squash for India
6’10 for Tom...
Still putting them out 💪..working alone is the best social distancing😷
6’5 eps/epoxy bonzer 3 for Jim Morrison (not the dead one)
Ready to sand...
6’2 for Brandon... next stop Nicaragua
Two big guy quad fishes. 6’8 for Andrew and 6’2 for Carter
9’6 noserider for Spencer
8’6 for Mike ... took 4 templates blended to get this planshape. Gonna have to shape one for myself
A little quote posted over the window looking in to my shaping room... there’s always something else to learn. If you think you know it all, you’re gonna get left in the dust

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