Jim Dunlop

Jim started surfing in 1966 at Barbers Point, Oahu—later relocating to the east coast as the “shortboard revolution” was in full swing. As a kid in Virginia Beach during the early ’70s, he stripped old boards, re-shaped them, and was hooked. He’s  been building surfboards for over 40 years.search engine optimization At his Jacksonville Beach factory, Jim shapes, paints, glasses, and sands every surfboard by hand in-house. Low quantity—high quality, with a craftsman’s attention to detail.

For a full list of board models, just Google "Surfboards".

Models? We don’t need no stinkin’ models.  Jim handcrafts each surfboard to fit your specific requirements. From high-performance shortboards, to fish, funshapes, and longboards—if you can ride a wave on it, Jim’s already built thousands of ’em.

here's what's been goin' on

whole lotta spraying going on
Hotwiring in the shaping room with A/C instead of a 93 degree garage.. discretion is the better part of valor
Old pals reunited after 15 years.., Manny picking up his 6’10” mid length….. 10 years on the North Shore charging heavy water but back home to raise a family and get on with the important stuff in life
glamour shot from the trenches .. watching paint dry.. thanks to @sid.earley for the candid shot of one of the more banal parts of the process
Three fresh epoxies off the sanding rack… been out of commission the last 4 weeks with a lower back injury but back in the game now
A few from this week’s batch… the rest were picked up as they came off the sanding rack and before I could snap a shot..
clear laminations let your eyes focus solely on the planshape , foil, and rocker . not a bad thing…
Another Saturday morning not spent in the shaping room, but  rather watching my granddaughter win the highland dance competition (in her age group) at the north florida Scottish Games … I’m one very blessed individual
freshly sanded 5’4 twin for Mikey

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