Jim Dunlop

Jim started surfing in 1966 at Barbers Point, Oahu—later relocating to the east coast as the “shortboard revolution” was in full swing. As a kid in Virginia Beach during the early ’70s, he stripped old boards, re-shaped them, and was hooked. He’s  been building surfboards for over 40 years.

At his Jacksonville Beach factory, Jim shapes, paints, glasses, and sands every surfboard by hand in-house. Low quantity—high quality, with a craftsman’s attention to detail.

For a full list of board models, just Google "Surfboards".

Models? We don’t need no stinkin’ models.  Jim handcrafts each surfboard to fit your specific requirements. From high-performance shortboards, to fish, funshapes, and longboards—if you can ride a wave on it, Jim’s already built thousands of ’em.

here's what's been goin' on

Instagram post 2216150894328636028_491767479 6’2 for Brandon... next stop Nicaragua
Instagram post 2185787517299488045_491767479 Two big guy quad fishes. 6’8 for Andrew and 6’2 for Carter
Instagram post 2157109893501251138_491767479 8’6 for Mike ... took 4 templates blended to get this planshape. Gonna have to shape one for myself
Instagram post 2155481715053502597_491767479 A little quote posted over the window looking in to my shaping room... there’s always something else to learn. If you think you know it all, you’re gonna get left in the dust
Instagram post 2153994566403665457_491767479 Couple of freshies just hot coated ... 8’6 fun gun and 5’3 twinny w/trailer
Instagram post 2143031294565326828_491767479 5’6” x 21 1/2”
EPS/epoxy for Sean
Instagram post 2141848568248290605_491767479 Sam hucking  over the ledge at Roxy’s in the Ments on the 6’8 from a previous post... all balls and he made it.. forgot to add , this was three months after his heart attack and surgery...he’s a straight up bad ass, it’s gratifying when guys of his caliber trust me to build their go-to boards
Instagram post 2141722018916003218_491767479 Finishing up setting extra Fcs plugs on two @greggriffinsurfboards epoxies .. his 3-4-5 model.  These two were part of my epoxy batch this week
Instagram post 2110784624733949254_491767479 6’8 eps/epoxy for Sam..should be touching down in Padang on Friday for a fun stint in the Mentawais
Instagram post 2104082344240475098_491767479 Not your grandpa’s twin ... actually yes it is.. 6’5 x23 1/4x 2 3/4... epoxy weighing in at 5 3/4 lbs.. S-glass lamination so tight it squeaks...letting grandpa channel his inner Larry Bertleman... good luck finding something so meticulously crafted in the racks at your local surf boutique
Instagram post 2077009542698177535_491767479 Ryan Hammers on his 5’4  mystic twin at Kandui yesterday
Instagram post 2068568422305544530_491767479 6’6” mini sim on the rack ready to glass.. s-deck, rolled entry, more compound curves than you can shake a stick at
Instagram post 2067134232087433607_491767479 40 year old Clark 7’0 K ( Kip Okamoto) about to be turned into a 6’8” 1974 Bing bonzer... stay tuned
Instagram post 2066248829713018128_491767479 5’8 & 5’4 epoxies ready to box up and ship to SoCal
Instagram post 2064217940695020090_491767479 Felix and Oscar, the odd couple and welcome new additions to the homestead
Instagram post 2061075774422552329_491767479 A couple of freshies for @sunrisesurfshop 8’2 & 7’6

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